Deployment Capability Testing – Ensure that client structures are compatible with vessel equipment; enabling confidence during mobilisation and deployment.


Equipment Layout

  • Precise set out of equipment on deck
    • Reel Drive Towers
    • Carousels
    • Grillage & Seafastening
  • Determine Shim requirements
  • Check position and level of equipment post laydown.

NB Solution

Laser Scanning of key equipment, provides a full as built record of vessel capabilities. A design model of the client structure can then be  “deployed” through the point cloud model –  ensuring that no clashes exist with existing moonpool, A-frames, bulkhead structures etc



By establishing a fixed control system, based on Vessel / Deck Datums, NB Surveys are able to utilise standard techniques, normally associated with Civil Engineering works onshore.


  • Full 3rd party Independence
  • Eliminate risk of failed deployment
  • Faster turnaround and improved mobilisation times
  • Increased Precision
  • Reduced Costs