Construction and installation of new platforms, associated topsides, bridges and the replacement of existing functional modules.


NB Surveys provide overall QA/QC dimensional control services throughout all phases of the project construction and installation phases of the project. Priority to ensure no mismatches or problems during the installation phase of the contract work scope.

NB Solution

Provided direct support to Client and EPC contractors to achieve and maintain fabrication production, quality targets, and to ensure construction tolerance were met. Provision of specialist services e.g. the use of a real-time photogrammetry systems as part of the commissioning and dynamic testing of a new class of Free fall lifeboat.



NB Surveys are also directly involved in hook up and commissioning aspects, thus reducing the time between installation and first-oil production.


  • Fit First Time
  • Value Added
  • Save time in design work
  • Eliminate work on-site
  • Reduced Costs