Asset Management


Establishment of an as-built database to allow failed pipe spool dimensions to be remotely measured without visiting the site. Develop new practices for the identification, measurement and preparation of drawings for the replacement of defective components. Reduce the requirement for offshore visits as there are now severe bedding restrictions on most platforms. Better management of the anomalies.

NB Solution

Existing laser scan data is compiled to be available within the Integrity i software system. This allows all relevant disciplines to access the 360 degree bubble images, take basic measurements and identify anomalies. The data is also used as the visual entry point for the site inspection team.


A visual and up to date integrity management system can be implemented and readily linked to Client’s existing anomaly management system, allowing immediate understanding of the spatial relationship of the anomalies and reduction on the time taken to understand and solve individual problems. Construction isometrics are produced directly from the scan data, eliminating need for additional site visits.


  • Visual and up to date Management System
  • Value Added
  • Quicker turnaround of MCDR’s
  • Reduced work on-site
  • Reduced Costs