Our rapid laser scanning systems are a proven and reliable way to provide a full three dimensional as-built model of your facility to millimetre accuracy. Colourisation offers an optional value added benefit for presentations or interpretation purposes.


Generated quickly and cheaply, by capturing over 1 million points per second without compromising quality, the resulting “point-cloud” database can be utilised across a range of disciplines and departments:

  • guarantee elimination of design risk during brownfield modification
  • elimination of unnecessary field welds and site fit ups.
  • provide safe and effective workflow planning
  • asset integrity and maintenance
  • reverse engineering for the production of missing elevations, sections, plans and P&ID’s


Laser scanning is suited to both onshore and offshore assets, floating and fixed, industrial and commercial, utility and heritage, applications.


To find out if laser scanning suits your sector, or project, contact your local survey team today:

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